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Chamberlains, Church Street


From at least 1841, there was a post office, grocery and drapers shop located in Church Street, named 'Chamberlains' after the owner, John Chamberlain. From Census records, I believe that the shop stayed in the family, being taken over by his son and then grandson, all of whom were called John. Grandson John Henry was a copyholder of the village and there is a picture of him on the Copyholders' page.


The shop used to sell loose macaroni and other foodstuffs from wooden boxes, done up in a paper bag to take home. Somewhere between 1907 and 1914, Chamberlains started to provide a telephone 'to place calls within a limited distance' (1914 Kelly's Directory).


Walking down Church Street from the church, you can still see the shop window on the left hand side.


The land and buildings on the opposite side of the road from the shop were known as Chamberlain's Yard.


Chamberlains 2003.jpg (66376 bytes)

Chamberlains, 1910

Date unknown


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