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Cottingham - name, size and location

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The name 'Cottingham' has Anglo-Saxon origins, with ham meaning town or settlement and ing denoting a tribal leader's sons, dependants or followers. Cottingham therefore literally means 'homestead of Cotta's people', Cotta ('or Cotti') having been an Anglo Saxon chief. The same tribal name is found in Cottingwith (East Riding), Cottingley (West Riding) and Cottenham (Cambridgeshire). There is also another Cottingham in Yorkshire, with the same roots. 

The spelling of the Cottingham has varied throughout history too. We find references to Cotingeham in the Domesday Book and Cotingham in the Anglo Saxon Chronicle. In the 1162 and 1166 Pipe Rolls there are references to Cottingeham and, in the 1343 Inquisitiones Post Mortem, Cotyngham and Cotynham.


The acreage of the village is recorded as follows:

1887 1901 1906 1914
1,725.893 acres 1,723 acres 1,723 acres 1,726 acres

The 1887 figure has been taken from an OS map, and the others from Kelly's Directories.


Geographically, Cottingham is located in the county of Northamptonshire, which clearly derives its name from the town of Northampton. This was the chief settlement on the River Nene in Anglo-Saxon times. Formerly known as ‘Hamtun’, the town was renamed Northampton after the Norman invasion in 1066 to distinguish it from Southampton.

From at least 1066 until around 1841, the country's parishes were split into administrative districts called 'Hundreds'. In 1086, Cottingham lay within the Stoke hundred which was subsequently merged into the Corby Hundred.

In 1901, the civil parish of Cottingham was located in the rural district of Kettering and the parliamentary borough of Northamptonshire. The ecclesiastical parish was recorded as 'Cottingham (church of St Mary Magdalene)'. 

The postal address for Cottingham has changed through history too. In the 1954 Post Office directory it is recorded as Cottingham, Rockingham, in the 1890 Kelly's Directory as Cottingham, Uppingham and in the 1903 and 1914 Kelly's Directory as Cottingham, Market Harborough.

For address purposes only, Cottingham is now recorded as being in Market Harborough, Leicestershire.


A modern map of Cottingham is available at www.multimap.com