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boundary stones

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The boundary stone from 

the village boundary with Corby

In the Middle Ages, every year, on rogation day, the villagers walked around the boundaries of the village to 'mark' the traditional boundaries that separated Cottingham from neighbouring villages. The ceremony, which involved the use of sticks and lots of noise to scare off malicious spirits that lingered in the crops, became known as 'beating the bounds'. 

The boundary between Cottingham and Corby was marked by a boundary stone, with a key symbol on the Cottingham side and a Greek cross on the Corby side. This was located on the medieval track of Middleton Lane. Running into Corby, this is now Cottingham Road, and there is a petrol station on the site where the boundary stone stood. Unfortunately, this stone was removed in the 1970s. 

The same symbols were used to identify animals from Cottingham and the surrounding villages grazing on Rockingham Forest common land.

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