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Since way back in the Anglo Saxon era, the country's parishes had been split into administrative districts called Hundreds. At the time of the Domesday Survey, there were 29 Hundreds in Northamptonshire, and Cotingeham lay within the Stoke (Stoche/Stoce/Stoc) Hundred.

By the time of the 'Nomina Villarum' a survey carried out in the first half of the 12th Century, the Stoke Hundred had been absorbed into the Corby Hundred. The 1841 Census was the last to group parishes by Hundreds, but reference to Cottingham being in the Corby Hundred can be found as late as 1914, in Kelly's Directory.

Hundred Map (1086)

The Hundreds - North Northamptonshire


  Stoke (Stoche/Stoc/Stoce)   St

  1. Ashley (Asce, Ascele, Ascelei)

  2. Brampton Ash (Brantone)

  3. East Carlton (Carlintone)

  4. Cottingham (Cotingeham)

  5. Dingley (Dinglei)

  6. Rockingham (Rochingeham)

  7. Stoke Albany (stoche)

  8. Sutton Bassett (Sutone)

  9. Weston by Welland (Westone)

10. Wilbarston (Wilbertestone, Wilberdestone)


  Navisland         Nn

  8. Kettering (Cateringe)


  Stofold          Sf

  1. Little Bowden (Bugedone)

  2. Clipston (Clipestone)


  Hamfordshoe         Hm

  Welingborough (Wedlingberie)



Corby (Corbei/Corbi)     Cb

1. Blatherwycke (Blarewiche)

  2. Boughton (Bochetone)

  3. Brigstock (Bricstoc)

  4. Corby (Corbei, Corbi)

  5. Deene (Dene)

  6. Geddington (Gadintone, Geitentone)

  7. Gretton (Gretone)

  8. Harringworth (Haringeworde)

  9. Kirby (Chercheberie)

10. Laxton (Lastone)

11. Newton (Newetone)

12. Oakley (Achelau)

13. Stanion (Stanere)

14. Wakerley (Wacherlei)

15. Weekley (Wiclei)

16. Weldon (Walefdone)

17. Little Weldon (Weledone)


Rothwell (Rodewell)      R

  1. Arthingworth (Arniworde)

  2. Barford (Bereford)

  3. Braybrooke (Badebroc, Baiebroc)

  4. Desborough (Desburgh, Dereburgh)

  5. Draughton (Bracstone)

  6. Glendon (Glendone)

  7. Harrington (Arintone)

  8. Kelmarsh (Keilmerse)

  9. Loddington (Lodintone)

10. Newbottle (Nevbote)

11. Orton (Overtone)

12. Pipewell (Pipewelle)

13. Rothwell (Rodewelle)

14. Rushton (Ristone)

15. Thorpe Malsor (Ali Detorp)


  Witchley - Rutland           Wt

  4. Caldecott (Caldecote)


The parts of the place names above shown in italics have come into existence since the Domesday Survey