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In 1901, there was a post office/grocer's store named Chamberlains, and a bakery located in Church Street. 

The first two pictures above show Church Street, viewed from the Church. It is remarkably unchanged considering the major changes that have been made elsewhere in the village.

The triangle of land on the corner of Church Lane and Water Lane (where the cars now park in front of the church) used to be a 'wash pond' fed by one of the many natural springs in Cottingham. With the pond being shallow at each end and deeper in the middle, carts used to drive through it to wash their wheels, and it also provided drinking water for horses. The pond has clearly been filled in, but the spring is still running, now into a water trough.

The third picture shows the other end of Church Street, with the Manor Farmhouse and the Crown Inn in the background. 

If you look carefully you can see a small corrugated roof on the right hand side. This was a shared toilet used by Mrs Licquorish who lived in the cottage just in front of the shack (with the window open) and Nance Bradshaw who lived in the 'one up-one down' cottage on the opposite side of the road.

Church Street (1901)

No. of houses

Houses with 2 Rooms


Houses with 3 Rooms 


Houses with 4 Rooms 


Houses with 5 Rooms or more



Total 26
The Rectory

The old Rectory sits at the top of Church Lane, on the right hand side opposite the Church.  In 1901, the vicar for Cottingham was the Reverend William Millington, who lived at The Rectory with his wife and one daughter, employing three live-in servants - a housekeeper, a cook and a page boy. How the other half lived!

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