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Image produced from the service with permission of Landmark Information Group Ltd and Ordnance Survey

Small brickworks sprang up around the area from the early 1800s, with bricks being used mainly for chimneys and roofs, and for repairs. The coming of the railway to the area in the 1870s caused a resurgence in the industry, with bricks needed for bridges, viaducts etc. 


The 1887 OS map (opposite) shows a brickyard with kiln at the top of Rockingham Road. In 1901, there were six households recorded at Brickfield Cottages, next to the brickworks. One of the occupants of these cottages (Charles White) was a brickmaker. These cottages have now been turned into a single dwelling, known as Brickfield House.


The Weldon and Corby Brick Company (1878-1911) also provided employment for Corby and the neighbouring villages. This was located on what is now St James' Industrial Estate. The Kettering Brickworks operated in London Road from 1873-c1934. Others operated at Geddington and Gretton.

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