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Some of the families living in Cottingham today can trace their roots back several centuries.


In 1901, the largest extended family living in the village was the Tansleys, with 32 family members living in seven different houses. In 1841, the largest extended family was the Wests, with 53 family members living in eight different houses.


Listed below are some of the established Cottingham families, with website links where relevant. Details are also given of wills available for former Cottingham residents at the PRO's documents online database. Wills can be downloaded for 3 each. If anyone buys one, could I have a look please?!

Family name Recorded in village Notes
Aldwinckle 1690s-1901

(possibly back to 1600)

A large and prestigious family in Cottingham and Middleton, having made their money from farming, baking and milling. There were 16 Aldwinckles in Cottingham in 1841, but only one (Mary Aldwinckle, Baker) in 1901.

Wills of John, gentleman (1710), Bartholomew, grazier (1826) and Mary  (1835) available online. Reference has been found to a Thomas Alwinkle as far back as 1600.

Beadsworth/Beesworth/Bersworth 1841 to present Click here for photographs
Binley/Binly/Bindley 1780 to present

There are 23 Binleys listed on the 1901 census, 19 in 1881 and 11 in 1841. Thomas Binley from Corby married Mary Reynolds from Cottingham on 4 April 1822 and the couple had 16 children, of which at least four died in infancy. One of their grandsons, Abraham Binley, had 11 children, of which three (Ethel, Jesse and Sidney) are named on the 1901 school group photo. Abraham was buried at St Mary Magdalene Church on 25 Dec 1939 (Christmas day funeral). Binleys from Cottingham married into such families as Bamford, Townsin, Langford, Bradshaw, Beadsworth, Claypole and Liquorish to name but a few.

Bradshaw 1777 to present  
Burdett/Burditt 1777-1860 The 1777 militia list records two Burditts in Middleton. Thomas Burdett was born in 1794. Family trees of Martin Jones and Jayne Fantham, UK. There were 14 Burditts in Middleton in 1841 and a Sarah Burditt lived on Corby Road in the 1860s.
Butler 1855 Richard, yeoman of Cottingham, will available online
Cannam 1200s - 1960s Read letter from Sylvia Ruth Cannam
Chamberlain 1841-1885 Five recorded in Cottingham in 1841. The Chamberlains ran the village post office and grocers from at least 1841 to well into the 1900s. Webstite link, 1885?
Chambers 1841- Click here for photographs and Chambers family tree
Claypole 1841 to present  
Coles 1901- Vere and Doss Coles owned the sweet shop in High Street. See also letters from Geoff Gough and Jenny Webster
Craxford 1841 - Thomas Craxford ran the Three Horseshoes pub in the late 1800s. Family history available at
Crane/Crain 1841 to present  
Cusley 1663 Mary Cusley, clerk of Cottingham, will available online and attached as PDF
Culpin 1865 Fanny Mary Culpin born 1865. Culpin family website, UK
Dansey 1437
Davenport Early 1900s

Click here for pics

Dove 1690 Jeremiah Dove, will available online
Downhall 1671-1688 Mary and William Downhall, wills available online. 
Freestone 1901 to present  
Greenwood 1714 Nathaniel Greenwood, Batchelor in Divinity and Rector of Cottingham, will available online
Hales 1833 John Hales born around 1883 in Cottingham, before moved to Aston, Birmingham. Hales family history site hosted by Kenneth Glyn Hales, Tuscon, Arizona. 
Inchley 1814 Edward Inchley, farmer, will available online
Jarman/Jarmon 1841 to present  
Langley 1801 Elizabeth Langley, will available online
Linnell 1870-1901 Elizabeth Linnell buried in Cottingham Feb 15 1882. Northamptonshire CofE burial index. There was a Jospeh Linnell working as a servant in Cottingham in 1901
Liquorish/Lickerish/Lickirish 1841 to present  
Medlycott 1718-1768 Charles Medlycott (1718) and Thomas Medlycott (1768), wills available online.
Ousely/Ouseley 1663 Mary Ouseley - will available online
Palmer 1797 Catherine, spinster, will available online
Peake 1619 - 1841 Will extracts from Maureen Bryson's family history site, and 11 Peakes recorded on 1841 census
Perkins 1523-1960

Robert Perkins married Katherine in 26 Nov 1590, and had five children christened in the parish. James and Mary Perkins had eight children christened in here between 1761 and 1777, one of whom, Samson, a stonemason, later moved to Easton on the Hill. Further back, there is a Perkins is listed n the 1523 subsidy roll for Middleton as having paid Henry VIII taxes. Family history of Bernard Perkins, Leamington Spa.



1581-1672 List of births, deaths and marriages on Maureen Bryson's family history site
Sculthorpe 1781 John Sculthorpe, farmer, will available online
Seywell 1654 James Seywell, Dyer, will available online
Smith 1768 Reverend Norman Smith, Rector, Clerk of Cottingham, will available online
Spriggs 1777-1901 There are four Spriggs recorded on the 1777 militia lists for Cottingham and Middleton, John Spriggs was a bailiff in the village in 1854.
Sturman 1841 to present  
Tansley 1777 to present Click here for photographs
Tilley/Tilly 1841 to present Ardith Tureski (nee Tilley) visits from Canada!

John James Tilley

(Francis) Omar Tilley - war hero

Tookey 1774 Samuel Tookey, gentleman, will available online
Vickers, Vicars    
West 1793 - 1901 William West was born in Cottingham on 31 March, 1793. His son, John West (born 2 March, 1819) worked as a sawyer and moved to Norton Summit, South Australia. Family history of Neal Butterworth (Melbourne Australia). Look under the Butterworth leg.

There are 17 Wests recorded on the 1901 Census for Cottingham, and 53 on the 1841 Census. 

White 1714 to present Elizabeth White, will available online
Wilkinson 1841 to present  
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