Local services




Name (age) address

Publican/landlady 5

John Peake (45), King Street

Mary Scroxton (70), High Street

John Claypole (20), High Street

Dean Thomas (60), Hill Street

Charlotte Cooper (70), Royal George

Malster 1 John Cooper (70), Royal George
Baker 2

Henry Rayson (50), Priory Street

John Parker (50), King Street

Grocer 2

John Chamberlain (30), King Street

Thomas Smith (30), High Street

Butcher 1 Samuel Horsely (45), Toll Gate
Blacksmith 1 Oliver Thomas (35), George Street
Wheelwright  1 Thomas Jones (35), Hill Street
Total 13





Name (age) address

Innkeeper/publican 3

Andrew Hobbs (38), Corby Road 

Samuel Eaton (32), High Street

George Newhead (41), High Street

Beer keeper 1

Alfred Buswell (28), Crown Inn

Baker/breadmaker 4

Mary Aldwinckle (53), and James Carter (27), Corby Road

Elizabeth Vickers (21), Rockingham Road

Ernest Chamberlain (35), Church Street

Butcher 1

Henry Dannis (59), Corby Road

Sub-postmaster and grocer 1

John Chamberlain (39), Church Street

Grocer's apprentice 1

Samuel Tansley (13), Corby Road

Market gardener   1 Francis Simpson (54), Mill Road
Chimney sweep 1 Charles Jarman (40), Rockingham Road
Carpenter and wheelwright  1 John Binley (39), Dag Lane
Total 14


chimney sweep

Charles Jarman's son, Herbert, was one of the last boys to go up the chimneys to sweep out the soot. Herbert Jarman (who was four years old in 1901) used to complain that he was always burning his bottom on the chimney walls! Herbert later went on to work in the minerals department for Stewart and Lloyds in Corby.

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