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Dear Jane


The stone cottages you are looking to locate were next to Blind Lane and in fact the one to the left was two up and two down. The reason for knowing this was that my grandmother Mary Monk kept house for the occupant who was Harry Goode. She stayed with Harry from 1939 to 1962 although they did move to the new Council House development in Middleton in 1950s. The blocked off door by the cottages was where the bucket toilet was sited along with all of Harry’s gardening tools. There wasn’t a lock on the door so every one sang very loudly.  


All of my family came to the village during the World War 2 and even after 1945 we came back and stayed at the cottage many times. I’ve also read David Dodd’s war time piece about the evacuees and at the end he mentioned my cousin Harry Farey (correct spelling) – well he is now 74 but he can still be found tap dancing at family weddings and parties!


I intend sending an E-Mail in the next couple of months about our time as evacuees in Cottingham with a few photos which I’ve managed to obtain. The Email will give a lot more details about the cottage and all of us are intending to invade your lovely village next year – so look for a crowd carrying our little cases and gas masks.


Mike Williams

(on behalf of the Williams, Monk, Farey, Irwin and Hebden families)

26 August, 2005




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