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Dear Jane,


First of all, congratulations on your excellent web-site, it puts many so called professional web-sites to shame.


I grew up in Cottingham (1940 to 1953 period), lived at Frogs Island and No. 8 Ripley Road. Now live in Kettering - retired.


How about this - Looked at your Scout photo (from over 50 years ago) and immediately recognised several people. Went to the V.E. event today and didn't recognise a single face!


Whilst delving into some old negatives for any Cottingham photos I might have (photography was my hobby at the time), surprise surprise, there is the negative of the Scout group which is on the web-site. Presumably taken with my camera on a tripod with the self-timer, I still can't remember the occasion, but then it was over 50 years ago!



Note from


David has provided lots of information about life in Cottingham, including some wartime memories, photographs and



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