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Corby Road lies along the route of the Via Devana Roman road that ran through the village.

The crossroads at the centre of the village is still known locally as 'The Cross', which is presumably where the house on the corner of Corby Road - Crossbank House - gets its name. In 1901, the census recorded two dwellings on The Cross, which would have been in the cottage you can see in the centre of the 1913 picture below.  

Coming into the village, the road used to fork to the left and right of the wellhead and wall.. The right hand fork was little more than a track, and is now the footpath leading around the front of Crossbank House. This road would have passed behind the cottage on The Cross, before it was demolished. You can see the fork clearly on the 1950s picture below.

The triangle of land just behind the wellhead used to be used as an allotment to grow vegetables, cultivated by a couple living in the old butcher's shop on Rockingham Road.

The top track was turned into a pavement when Corby Road was widened in the 1960s.

The Cross

The Cross, 1913


Corby Road 2003.jpg (64936 bytes)

The Cross, 2003

At the wellhead

The Cross, 1950s,

from Corby Road

The Cross, 1950s,

from Church Street

The Cross, 1950s,

from Church Street

There used to be cottages all the way along the left hand side of the road, where the bus stop now stands. You can see these on the 1913 picture above.

There also used to be a area called 'Barrack Yard' running off Corby Road. If you look at the pictures below, you can see the steps on the right hand side that led up to the 10 cottages in the yard. These cottages had no inside toilets or washing facilities, and the families used sheds on the opposite side of the yard to wash....etc! You can see the chimneys of the Barrack Yard cottages at the top of the 1913 picture (top left).

The cottages in Barrack Yard were condemned around 1959/60, but the barn that stood at the top end of the Yard is still there, now used as a garage accessed off Blind Lane. 

Looking down Corby Road towards the village



Early 1900s



 The Nook


Walking into the village down Corby Road, there is a group of houses on the left hand side, just before the Methodist Church. This area is known locally as 'The Nook'.

Corby Road, including 

The Cross (1901)

No. of houses

Houses with 2 Rooms


Houses with 3 Rooms 


Houses with 4 Rooms 


Houses with 5 Rooms or more



Total 30
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