Blind Lane

Blind Lane is home to the Royal George, one of the oldest buildings in the village.

Up until around XXX, there used to be a fenced area of common land at the bottom of Blind Lane called 'The Pound'. Farmers used to keep their animals there when they were moving them from one place to another. It was also used to temporarily hold any animals that had escaped from their field until the farmer came to collect them. These pens were located on the left hand side as you head up Blind Lane, where Bag End now stands.

Pinfold Bank

This is the name for the bank of land up on the right hand side as you head up Blind Lane. There is now a single cottage on this land, but there used to be red brick cottages at either end of this cottage. The 1901 Census records seven families living in these cottages, all in just three or four rooms. 


Blind Lane (1901)

No. of houses

Houses with 2 Rooms


Houses with 3 Rooms 


Houses with 4 Rooms 


Houses with 5 Rooms or more



Total 17
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