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The aim of this site is to preserve the history of Cottingham, Northamptonshire and paint a picture of village life in years gone by. Who lived here? What jobs did people do? How did they live?


To do this, I am looking to gather stories from villagers, historical photographs and documents so that the memories of Cottingham can live on. 


If you have any old photographs, deeds, maps or anything of interest, contact me at jane@cottinghamhistory.co.uk, and I will look to  include them on the site. I'd also be interested in talking to people who have lived in the village for a long time, or have any interesting stories to tell.


As well as recent history, this site also looks back to Roman and medieval times.


Putting together this site has taken lots of research and hard work. If you do want to use any of the information or images for your own site, please drop me an e-mail first, as some of it may also need to be cleared with other organisations. Thanks!


If you have any comments or feedback about the site, please do get in touch. I'd love to hear from you. Are you able to date any of the old photographs? Do you know any of the names of the people in the pictures? Are there any mistakes that I need to correct? 


Or, if you'd just like to let me know what you think of the site, please feel free. Do you find it easy to use? Is there any other information you would like to see on here? All feedback is very welcome.



e-mail:   jane@cottinghamhistory.co.uk



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